Bradley Cooper gets the silent treatment: Social media LOVE it


We've all been there – You're at an event with your other half, and he says or does something so damn questionable you wonder how the pair of you ever made it past the first date.

Thankfully, it's not just us mere mortals who have to endure these public bust-ups as Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk proved at Wimbledon this weekend.

While watching the men's final yesterday, 30-year-old Irina looked distinctly put out by her boyfriend in a series of moments which unsurprisingly made their way onto social media.

41-year-old Bradley, who has been dating Irina for more than a year, could be seen trying – and failing –  to lighten the mood between the pair in an incident that will ring a bell with anyone in a relationship.

While Irina looked the other way and resorted to reading a book – upside down – so as not to engage with the actor, Bradley, on the other hand, kept a tense smile plastered on his face and did the ol' 'This will blow over in no time har har har' grin at anyone who happened to sense the atmosphere.

If reports currently doing the rounds are to be believed, Irina's bad mood may have a little something to do with the presence of Bradley's ex Suki Waterhouse at the famous sporting event this weekend.

Having taken Suki to his first ever Wimbledon in 2013, Irina might have been feeling a little put out after running into the actress at the game yesterday.

Or maybe she was just hangry – who knows?