Brad Pitt made a surprise visit at this fast food restaurant!


Brad Pitt maybe one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like some fast food from time to time.

The actor was spotted at Wimpy in Essex on Tuesday, where he decided to order his evening meal.

Brad ordered a £6.35 cheeseburger meal, a £9.85 smokey barbecue burger with cheese, bacon and chips, a £2.95 classic cheeseburger and a £4.60 sausage, egg and chips meal.

Brad is filming in the UK for his new film World War Z.

One eye witness said that Brad was very polite to the staff.

“Brad was really polite and friendly to staff. He’s a fan of the Wimpy donuts after having them when he was filming World War Z here a few years ago, but sadly there weren’t any on Tuesday night.”

He plans on making a return too!

“He is expected to come back later this week to pick some up.”

Well we feel a little less guilty about our occasional fried treats now.