Bizarre leaked photo of Kim Kardashian is going viral


Kim Kardashian is set to be less than impressed after a photo of her Love magazine shoot has been leaked online before its official release date.

The photo, from Kim’s spread inside the magazine, features the reality star bending over with her bare bum in the air wearing bizarre stockings and smoking a cigarette.

The photo is made all the stranger by the fact that Kim’s eyebrows are bleached…

The release of the Love magazine spread is one that Kim has been looking forward to for weeks, as she is featured in a spread over thirty pages long and has spoken about the hard work and commitment that went into the shoot: “We shot for 3 days straight at a motel in LA. One night until 4am.”

We think someone is going to be in big trouble for this leak – but we can’t help but be very worried for the rest of the spread to be released…!