Binky Felstead is keeping it real & relatable with postpartum selfie


Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead is keeping it real and relatable as she shared an empowering postpartum selfie just one day after giving birth to her new son, Wulfric Alexander Fredrik Darnton.

Binky and her fiancé, Max Fredrik Darnton, welcomed the birth of their first child together earlier this month on June 6. Meanwhile, Binky is already a loving mum to her now four-year-old daughter India.

Taking to Instagram on Monday evening, the 31-year-old reality star shared an empowering selfie as she posed naked in front of a mirror wearing just her underwear, showing off her very normal figure just one day after giving birth.

“This was taken the morning after giving birth,” Binky explained in the caption, adding, “I appreciate the human body now more than ever!”

“As I’ve been through this body transformation before with India, I’ve decided to embrace it this time…. and not worry as much!”

As mums will know, there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about Binky’s postpartum body. What is out of the ordinary is the fact that we’re seeing a real and relatable postpartum body on social media — which is something that rarely happens unfortunately.

Since sharing, Binky’s post has been flooded with supportive comments from friends, family and other mums.

“Thank you for this! More influencers like you need to be putting this on their profiles,” one follower wrote, adding, “The body is incredible, why is there so much pressure to snap back?” 

Meanwhile, another follower sweetly commented, “Good on you for embracing and sharing such an honest snapshot”

Kudos to Binky for normalising the postpartum bod!