Beyoncé makes a rare statement on her official website


Beyoncé may seem active on social media, but isn’t normally one to interact much with her fans on either Instagram or Twitter.

However, something important has come up and the superstar has made a rare statement on her personal website.

Following the terrible news that her backup singer, Tiffany Monique, is battling cancer, Beyoncé reached out to wish her well, writing: “We love you Tiffany. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Love, Beyoncé.”

Tiffany shared an update on her illness on Facebook, saying: “Fevers, a-fib or water since last Tuesday, quite a bit of pain and a lot of fatigue today. I’m finally ‘comfortable’ so I’m gonna get some sleep while the going is good.”

We’re sure Tiffany was delighted with Beyoncé’s public well-wishing for her and we wish her a speedy recovery.