Beyoncé launches ‘seductive’ new Wild Orchid fragrance

Following on from the success of her award-winning Heat fragrance range, Beyoncé has unveiled her latest fragrance, Wild Orchid, to the world.

With an “enticing, mouth-watering” scent, the fifth fragrance in the Beyoncé’s popular Heat range is an exotic one that channels the singer’s fierce and feminine energy.

With notes of coconut water, amber and pomegranate, it’s the Butterfly Orchid – believed to have magical aphrodisiac qualities – that gives Wild Orchid its exotic signature.

Beyoncé looks strikingly beautiful in the campaign for the new fragrance, shot by renowned photographer Michael Thompson, channelling the simmering seduction of the scent in a flowing purple organza gown.

Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid is available in 30ml and 50ml sizes, and prices retail at €25.95 (30ml) and €33.95 (50ml).