Best Dressed: Lady Gaga’s craziest outfits


Friday was Lady Gaga’s 28th birthday so we decided to pay homage to the singer’s strangest outfits.

It was quite a challenge to cut it down to just four but here they are!

Gaga has always treaded a fine line between style, art and plain crazy.

We’re not sure about you but the meat outfit leads the way for craziest outfit, she must have stank by the end of the night!

A close runner up is the Arnold “football-head” look where her head looks like it is stuck into half a Babybel.

Not a good look, Gaga.

Other weird outfits include a potentially pretty red lace dress ruined by a matching and attached lace mask as well as a dress made from Hello Kitty dolls.

We hope no Hello Kitty dolls were harmed in the making of that dress.

gaga collage