Best Dressed: Kimberly Walsh

Each of Girls Aloud girls have come a long way since the dodgy hair extensions and neon dresses of their early days.

While Nicola and Cheryl are definite style favourites, we’re giving a special mention to Kimberly, who knows exactly how to dress for her gorgeous hourglass figure.

This first dress is red carpet perfection – beautiful fire-red lace, figure hugging and with pretty, flattering capped sleeves.

The second dress is easily dressed up or down, really simple – although we don’t love those huge hoops, especially not with an up-do.

This black dress is simply stunning. It has the perfect amount of sex appeal, while the lipstick and smoky eyes add to the gothic-inspired look.

Anything high-waisted and we are sold. Pair it with a crop top and we are in love. These grey trousers are great and we like the way they show off her midriff, but not too much. The shoes though? Hmm…

kimberly walsh collage