Beauty tips your mum passed on to you.


Loathe as we are to admit it, our mums often know a lot more than we give them credit for. While we might turn to them for certain bits of advice, namely financial and domestic, we've unfortunately convinced ourselves we know more than them when it comes to the world of hair and beauty. Girls, it's time to get off our high horses.

Take care of your skin.
More interested in the merits of glitter eye shadow and lip gloss, we didn't pay too much attention to our mother's suggestion to take care of the basics before layering on the slap. Now we're regretting it, aren't we? We wish we could rewind and start moisturising from our 13th birthday and now we've started asking our mum's advice on her favourite cleansers and moisturisers- we'd be lucky to look as half as good as she does at her age.

Don't over- pluck your eyebrows.
Remember when your mum had to wrestle the tweezers out of your hands, insisting you'd destroy your beautiful brows if you kept it up? Wasn't she right? So many of us now include filling in and shading our eyebrows as part of our daily make-up routine, all because we were a little too pluck-happy back in the day. It's like our mums saw Cara Delevingne's arrival on the run-way before anyone else.

Make the most out of your mascara.
The minute our mascara looked like it was no longer doing its job, we'd dash off to to the nearest make-up counter and shell over for another one. We'd laugh at our mum's suggestion to rest it in a bowl of warm water for a while, wouldn't we? Then make-up artists and beauty bloggers came out with the same advice and we all started rushing for the hot tap. Aren't our faces red?

Next time she offers beauty advice, we're listening!