5 beauty tips we all need to remember


With so many new trends emerging in the world of beauty, it's easy to get caught up in the latest ones. We tend to focus primarily on the shade or finish that is hot this season, but we should never neglect primary necessities. Remember; trends come and go, but some beauty regimes will stand to us for life.

Beauty director at Marie Claire, Didi Gluck, tells us to think of our skin like leather. Yeah, gross we know, but doing so will remind you to constantly hydrate the largest organ you have! What does leather look like when left untreated? Yeah, exactly.

Splurge on your hair
You could be wearing last night's top and last weekend's jeans, but if your hair is healthy, glossy and cut well, then you're fit for a runway. We love DIY tips and tricks, but for some things you just need to turn to a professional and hair care is one of them. Establish a good relationship with your stylist, use photos, allow yourself to be guided and communicate, communicate, communicate!

Tools of the job
Put simply, you wouldn't run a fork through your hair to tease tangles, so why do some many of us use the wrong brushes on our face? Using the correct brush in the correct way makes the world of difference. Invest in a tool kit, girls!

The lighter touch
Now that you have the right tools, it's essential you mix them with the right amount of product. Didi reveals that Jemima Kidd revolutionised her beauty regime by advising her to confine foundation to the nose and under eye region. Be brave, and reveal more of your natural skin tone. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Nailed it
If your nails look like they're crying out for some TLC, then you better listen! Hiding stained nails with a few layers of plum varnish isn't going to cut it. Get to the root of the problem. Hydrate and shape your nails at home, but seek professional nail help from time to time to keep hands and feet looking immaculate.