Beauty tips from the past


You are probably constantly hearing the older generation saying something along the lines of “things were a lot better in my day”. They were definitely right on these beauty tips:

Cold cucumbers on the eyes
No doubt you have heard this one before, but have you actually used it? The older generation definitely had the right idea when it came to this one. A cucumber is full of moisture and combined with their coldnesss, they can actually reduce the puffiness around your eye.

Tea bags on the eyes
Just like the cucumbers, tea bags are perfect for reducing puffiness. Simply place a cold tea bag on each eyelid and leave for a couple of minutes.

Seriously that little tub can do so much. Not only does it smooth chapped lips, it also helps to give your eyes a gorgeous shine when you don’t have any eyeshadow to hand.

Baby powder
Before dry shampoo came along, the older generation would have used baby powder to absorb grease and oil from the hair.

Lemons on the lips
Long before plumping glosses were around, ladies would have used lemons to make their lips look redder and more kissable.

Lemon juice in the hair
Lemon juice in the hair is actually still pretty popular to this day. The juice helps the sun to bring out natural highlights giving you a natural set of blonde streaks.