Beauty mistakes we all make but should be avoiding


Beauty regimes are important to keep skin clean, clear and blemish-free. Unfortunately, some of us are a bit lacks when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

Here are 5 ways that your beauty regime or lack-thereof is hurting you.

Weekly facials
While you may think you are doing your skin a world of good, you are actually doing more harm. Steam used to open pores can lead to broken capillaries in your face and deep cleansing can lead to scarring if not done properly.

Heavy foundation
Skin needs to be able to breathe and thick, heavy foundation can actually suffocate it. If you are trying to cover up blemishes, use a concealer on these areas and a lighter foundation everywhere else. The caked look was never in anyway.

Rubbing eyes to remove mascara
Well done on taking your make-up off, but rubbing your eyes too much in your quest to remove your mascara is not good. Doing this can cause your lashes to fall out and leave your eyes red and puffy.

Over tweezing
No one likes thick, unruly brows but neither do we like over-plucked ones. Go with your natural brow line and don’t try to change the shape of your eyebrows.

Sharing make-up
Frantically asking someone, anyone, if they have eyeliner you can borrow is a common scene in nightclub bathrooms. However, by doing this you are transferring bacteria from one person to another and sure you never know where it’s been.