Beauty Bloggers of the Week: Kat and Rachelle


This week’s Beauty Blogger(s) of the Week are Kat and Rachelle from DollyRouge, a gorgeous Irish beauty and lifestyle blog with a little bit of a difference. Not only do they find products that give you the best bang for your buck, they understand the science behind the beauty and not the fluffy marketing stuff that is put there to make you buy things.

Not your typical beauty bloggers, Kat has a Degree in genetics from UCC and Rachelle is a sales executive, their mutual love for all things beauty was discovered one day at work.

SHEmazing! caught up with the girls to uncover their beauty secrets and tips:

What is your best budget beauty buy?
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It outperforms even high-end brands and costs less than a tenner!

What is your top make-up tip?
Less is more. Instead of using a heavy coverage foundation, try a light base and use a concealer where it’s needed. Letting your skin show through looks much more natural and youthful. Heavy foundation settles into fine lines and wrinkles making you look much older.

Most girls have much-loved lipstick – what’s yours?
It has to be a classic red like MAC Russian Red. You can wear this colour no matter what your skin tone is and look incredible. Forget eyeshadow and blush, it’s all you need to dress up.

What was your very first perfume and what are you currently wearing?
The first perfume that I bought out of my own pocket money was Exclamation! Gosh that brings back memories of teen discos and awkward crushes! I’m currently wearing Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge – a fabulous fresh, exotic summer scent.

You’re only allowed to use three make-up products for the rest of your life – what are they?
Concealer, lipstick and mascara. I can try sheer out the concealer a bit with moisturiser for a light foundation effect… is that cheating?? A pinky-rose lipstick will work on lips and on cheeks as a cream blush. And mascara is a MUST for wide awake eyes.

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