Beauty Blogger of the Week: Danielle O’Malley


Irish girl Danielle O’Malley lets us all in on her beauty secrets with her blog The Imperfect Beauty. The self confessed skincare and beauty obsessed blogger was shortlisted for the 2013 Blog Awards and it is easy to see why.  Danielle writes her reviews with honesty and personality, allowing a small glimpse into her life at the same time. Our favourite has to be her Budget Buy series which is perfect if you are strapped for cash.

SHEmazing! caught up with Danielle who let us in on her beauty secrets and must-have items:

What is your best budget beauty buy?
This is definitely Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan. I use it every week and it just gives the most natural looking (fake) tan that I’ve found. You apply it and only have to leave it on for 1hr, shower and a gorgeous natural tan appears over the next few hours. I tend to leave it on overnight if I want a more intense colour but it never looks OTT!  It costs around the €7 mark and for the quality of the tan it is just so amazing.

What is your top make-up tip?
Use eyelash curlers! It honestly makes such a difference to the way both your eyes and your mascara looks. I have been asked if I have eyelash extensions when really all I’ve done is curled my lashes. If you are in a hurry and haven’t time to apply mascara just do a quick curl and you are good to go!

Most girls have much-loved lipstick – what’s yours?
At the moment it is NARS Red Square, it is a matte orange-red. Once you apply it, it does not move, fade or bleed into the lines around your mouth. It completely brightens up my complexion and it is my go to bright lipstick this summer.

What was your very first perfume and what are you currently wearing?
My first perfume was Lacoste Touch of Pink, and everytime I smell it it reminds me of being back in Secondary School! Currently I am wearing Alien, my bottle is running low so I’m trying to use it sparingly!

You’re only allowed use three make-up products for the rest of your life – what are they?
For me this would be foundation, mascara and a cream blusher. I could use the cream blusher for both a lipstick and my cheeks and if I go without mascara I look a bit strange!

Don’t forget to check out The Imperfect Beauty and follow Danielle on Instagram and Twitter.