Beauty Blogger of the Week: Orla McConnon


Our beauty blogger of the week is the stunning Orla McConnon. Orla’s blog,, is right up our street so we were thrilled to catch up with her for a quick chat! Orla’s funny, honest and relatable approach to all things beauty based makes her a stand-out in the world of Irish beauty blogs. We value Orla’s opinion, we appreciate her puns and we adore her down-to-earth attitude. Ladies, this girl is one to watch.

1. What is your best budget beauty buy?

My best beauty budget buy is the Essence Liquid Ink Waterproof liquid eyeliner in black. This is the truest black eyeliner I have ever used. It stays all day too which is great because when you're putting the effort in to do a cat eye, you want that stuff to stay put!

 2. What is your top make-up tip?

My top make-up tip is to always ask for a sample of a foundation when you can before you purchase. It's so annoying when you spend a lot of money on a foundation, to find out it really doesn't suit your skin at all. So don't be afraid to ask, it could save you a lot of money. 

3. Most girls have a much-loved lipstick – what's yours?

I'm a lipstick fiend and I'd say two thirds of my collection are nudes, so this is really hard! But, I'd have to say MAC Viva Glam II is my favourite. 

4. What was your very first perfume and what are you currently wearing?

My first perfume was SJP 'Lovely' and I still wear it today! I absolutely love it! And then I also alternate between Roberto Cavalli 'Serpentine' and Bulgari Omnia in 'Amethyste'.

5. You're only allowed to use three make-up products for the rest of your life… what are they?

This is a cruel question but if I had to pick I would say:

Essence Liquid Ink eyeliner in Black- I think liquid liner just opens up your eyes and makes you look awake. I would rarely go out without it. A few times I've forgotten to bring mascara and I've literally painted my lashes with this and it worked a treat!

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation- This started as my 'going out' foundation and sneakily fell into my everyday routine. I love how this is a gel formula. It's got a great medium to full coverage, with a slight dewy finish. I have quite dry and dehydrated skin, and this works perfectly for me. 

MAC Bronzer in 'Refined Golden'- I think I've been using this since I was 14! If I don't wear bronzer, I feel so washed out and flat. Whether it's for a heavy contour at night or a quick flush of colour, I always have a bronzer in my makeup bag!

To hear more from the lovely Orla, be sure to check out TheOrlacle and the blog's Facebook page!