Banishing smelly feet

There is nothing worse than sitting beside someone who decides it’s a good idea to take off their shoes only to be welcomed by a whiff of something nasty.

However, smelly feet, particularly during the summer, is pretty common as the temperature rises and you spend more time walking than sitting in the car.

If you have a fear of foot odour try these tips:

Wash your feet
Make sure you wash your feet every evening when you get home. This will wash away any sweaty residue on the soles of your feet so that it won’t build up.  

Foot lotion
Rub some fragrant foot lotion on your feet before you go to bed. It is best to do this before you head to bed because your feet will be pretty slippery and we don’t want any accidents.

Change your shoes
Don’t wear the same shoes every single day. Every day your feet sweat and not changing your shoes or at least wearing soaks will just cause a build up of sweat – stinky.

Wear socks
While we’re talking about socks, make sure you wear them with your shoes – see above. If you are more of a pump wearer a pair of pop socks or little see through socks ware perfect.