Moving: why one Cork man took his Dubai driver to a theme park


Cork man Liam Murphy is currently working and living in Dubai. On Saturday, he got a taxi from there to Abu Dhabi – a distance of about 130km. 

And en route he got to know his taxi driver a bit better. 

The driver, Shakiha, is from India and has been working in Dubai for 14 years while he sends back money to his family at home. 

Liam was headed to the Ferrari theme park for the day when Shakiha informed him that he had never been inside the park he usually just waited outside for up to four hours for his customers. 

Being an extremely kind soul, Liam then paid the €60 for Shakiha to accompany him to the theme park for the day and he even got to go on a roller coaster for the first time. 

Liam posted some pictures of the pair's day out on his Facebook page along with the caption: "Got a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi today. Indian taxi driver living here 14 yrs yet was never in Ferrari World.

"He was going to wait in the car for 4 hrs."

"Today I made his dreams come true for the laugh…."I will pray God for you sir"….some craic with the hoore all day. His first ever roller coaster ride was on the fastest in the world," he detailed, adding: "Shakiha will sleep well tonight."

Speaking to, Liam said: “Every time he (Shakiha) drops passengers off he stays in the car for the day. I decided to bring him along for the laugh. He was great entertainment"

“I bought him some pizza on the way home. He was delighted with the day out.”