Awesome kitchen hacks that will change the way you cook!

Even if you're practically Darina Allen in the kitchen, a few time-saving cheats always come in handy!

Here are some of the best we've picked up as we try and fail to become domestic goddesses! 

1. Stop chopped fruit from going brown
That fruit salad just doesn't look as appealing after an hour in the fridge or on the worktop. Prevent browning and keep your fruit looking fresh by adding a mix of one part honey and two parts water to your chopped fruit and stirring it to coat everything. 

2. Remove eggshells without freaking out
Trying to retrieve a tiny piece of stranded eggshell from a bowl of cracked eggs is one of THE most frustrating kitchen tasks there is. Make the job easy by using either a large piece of eggshell to scoop it out, or by splashing some water onto your fingertip and removing it that way. Both work as "magnets" to attract the eggshell rather than pushing it away.

3. Peel garlic without the hassle
We love a bit of garlic but we're not fans of the way the scent stays on our hands after peeling and chopping the cloves. Peel garlic more easily by removing the cloves from the bulb and pressing down on each one with the side of a large knife. This flattens the clove and loosens the skin so you can simply pull it off.

4. Out of buttermilk? Make your own
If you're dying to whip up some brown bread or pancakes but can't be bothered making the trek to Tesco in your PJs for buttermilk, make your own by adding a tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice to regular milk.

5. Get perfect poached eggs every time
This tip has upped our brunch game in a big way! If you can never seem to get poachers right, simply place a large square of clingfilm over the top of a cup or ramekin, rub some cooking oil onto it and crack an egg in. Tie up the edges to make a little eggy package (leaving some air at the top) and boil for 3 minutes. Untie and peel the clingfilm off and voilá… beautiful poached eggs!

6. Foam milk without a steamer
If you're craving a latté or cappuccino but don't have a fancy aul machine, foam up some milk by filling a jar halfway with milk, closing and shakiing until the milk has doubled in size. Take the lid off and microwave for around 30 seconds. 

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