Ashton Kutcher set to appear in court for murder trial


Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher has just welcomed a new baby girl with fiancé Mila Kunis, but he will have to relive a tragic part of his past in an upcoming murder trial.

The actor is expected to testify in court against the alleged killer of 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin back in 2001. Ashton and Ashley were dating at the time of her murder, and the case has finally gone to trial fourteen years later.

Michael Thomas Gargiulo stands accused of killing Ashley at her home in Los Angeles on February 21st, 2001. Court documents reveal that Ashley was brutally stabbed while showering in her apartment, which Mr. Gargiulo lived just 400 feet away from.

Ashton reportedly gave evidence at the time of Ashley's death, telling police that he called to her apartment on the night of her murder but that she did not answer the door. 

Speaking in a documentary about Ashley's case, her close friend Chris Duran said he knew she and Ashton "were gonna be hanging out, going to a Grammy party. He [was] picking her up to take her to a party."

According to the same documentary, Ashton told police that he had looked into the window of Ashley's apartment when she did not answer and saw what he thought was wine on the floor. Her body was discovered by her flatmate the following day.

We hope the case can finally be brought to a close.