‘As you age, you don’t care’: Glenda is SO not bothered she’s hit 35


TV presenter and former model Glenda Gilson has absolutely no qualms about turning 35. 

In fact, she has never felt better as she revealed that she got less worried about her looks as she aged. 

"You're not doubting yourself [anymore]- that's age I suppose," said the Xposé presenter to the Mirror. 

"I think as you get older you don't care. When I was younger I would be thinking 'oh God, I've no make-up on' or 'my hair isn't done.' "

The stunning presenter reckons that times have changed and having a more natural look is now in fashion, rather then being done-up all the time. 

"I see girls that I started working with, models who have their businesses now, and they're the same.

"They've no make-up on and they've their hair up in a bun and they're natural beauties. You just don't think too much about it all now."

Glenda spent her birthday weekend in Kerry with husband Rob MacNaughton.