Are you scared of flying? This pilot’s advice makes total sense

Anyone who is scared of flying will know that no matter how many 'reassuring' statistics you hear about air travel, they don't amount to much when you're desperately gripping your armrest before take-off.

Acknowledging this, US Captain Ron Nielsen has provided nervous flyers with two simple (and practical) techniques to alleviate stress during air travel.

Appearing on the Today Show on NBC, the pilot firstly focussed his attention on take-off and urged the passenger to use their own body to calm themselves.

As the plane makes its way down the runway, you should tense your muscles, hunch your shoulders, clench your fists, cross your legs and clench your jaw. 

Then as the plane takes off, hold the pose before releasing after approximately 30 seconds.

By physically relaxing your body, you will releases stress hormones namely cortisol and adrenalin and will automatically feel calmer.

And when it comes to turbulence?

Distract yourself by writing your name with the wrong hand repeatedly as this will focus your attention elsewhere thereby distracting you from the disturbance.

Dare we say it, these actually sound like they'll work.