Are you a hopeless romantic?


Not everyone shares the same views when it comes to love. Some have a more realistic view, while others daydream about their knight in shining armour coming to rescue them – this, my friend, makes you a hopeless romantic.

A hopeless romantic is someone who waits for their ‘soul mate’ and stops at nothing until they find them. They are in love with the idea of being in love and their view of romance can border on fantasy at times.

Here are the signs that you might be a hopeless romantic:

  • You are known to shed a fear tears while watching a film
  • You think there’s a possibility that you can have a ‘great love’ as strong as Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big
  • You are overly happy about friends who have a love life you don’t have
  • You manage to work yourself into tears when listening to love songs
  • You dream about long-term relationships with your ex

If you’re ticking more boxes than you’d like, then you’re a hopeless romantic.