Annoying things we didn’t have to put up with in the ’90s


The ’90s were such as simple decade. While technology may have made our lives a little easier, there are still some very annoying things we have to deal with now that we didn’t way back when.

1. #whatdoesthisevenmean


Hashtags are possibly the most annoying thing to come from smart phones.

2. But first, let me take six selfies


Actually, THIS is the most annoying thing to come from a smart phone!

3. Sorry, can’t talk. On my phone.


People on phones at the cash register have to be the worse people in the world. So. Rude.

4. You have been tagged in seventy photos


That Sunday morning feeling… *shudder*

5. Lov3 Yewww So Much Hunni xoxo


Facebook relationships are the worst relationships.

6. Lost in translation


Text fights are so easily caused because the tone of the message can be lost. Just make a phone call and avoid that long-lasting family fight.

7. Reality television


Okay, so it may be brain dead and we wish it was never invented, but damn it’s addictive.

8. Lack of bacon and cabbage


Bring back the classics! Enough of this nouveau-food crap!

9. RIP light up runners


We would totally still wear these.

10. Rejection central


It was so much easier to take rejection back in the ’90s, obviously they weren’t able to get through because the phone was engaged.

via our content partner CT