Anna Richardson teases a celebrity version of Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson has spilled the beans, hinting that a celebrity version of this highly popular explicit dating show might be on the cards.

While fans of the show are thrilled to see your everyday Joe bare all in the hopes of finding true love, we never even imagined that we’d get to see actual celebrities stripping down to their birthday suits for a bit of late-night reality entertainment.

When asked about the Naked Attraction celebrity spin-off, Anna delightedly said, “We’d love to do one!” when speaking to OK! Magazine.

For those who have been living underneath a rock and don’t know what Naked Attraction is actually about, it’s a reality dating show where contestants end up naked. Singletons get up close and personal as they meet for the first time in their birthday suits, stripped of all clothes, make-up and status symbols. 

This social experiment is inspired by evolutionary science, where it is believed that in the past people selected mates based on physical appearance. Contestants get in touch with their primal instincts as they narrow down their potential match from a group of six nude hopefuls.

Going one step further, it appears Anna already has a line-up in mind, as she goes on to say, “We know Scott Mills is always teasing us from Radio 1, I’d love him to be a picker!”

“I’d like to see Freddie Flintoff in a pod, he’s quite fit. It’d be interesting to see him with his kit off. Always open to an athlete,” Anna joked.

Apparently this isn’t the only spin-off series which Anna has in mind either. “I really want to do Naked Attraction down under, I’d also love to do Naked Attraction going cruising, on a cruise ship would be brilliant,” she commented, listing the show’s endless possibilities.

The newest season of Naked Attraction starts tonight, April 13 on channel 4 at 10pm — make sure to tune in!