Ancient drink is now making a comeback

If you would rather go for a Hoegardeen over a glass of white any day, you will be pleased to hear that mead is now making a comeback.

The honey-based beer dates back to pagan times but is slowly becoming trendy again. The drink is now being used in cocktails and sauces and the rise in craft beers can be attributed to its comeback.

Sarah Thompson, director of Lurgashall Winery in West Sussex, says it was an “underground drink, popular with medieval re-enactment groups, pagans, and students.” She adds: “We’ve seen a big difference in attitude in the past six months. It’s one of the last drinks to have its comeback, after cider and gin. But it’s coming.”

But Sophie Fenton from Cornish Mead is trying to give it a more trendier twist by incorporating it into cocktails. Talking about the new drink, she said: “We’re trying to start a new trend for using mead to make cocktails. It’s finding a new, younger market.”

Apparently mead was drunk by a bride and groom for a month after their wedding – hmm, wonder if that will become trendy again…?