Amy is just loving her husband’s style in hilarious tweet


Oh, Amy – you are our new spirit animal. That's right Taylor Swift, it's over. 

The actress is no stranger to epic tweets about her husband and children, and now she has done it again! Tweeting a photo of Brian O’Driscoll receiving an honorary degree from Queen’s University in Belfast, his cheeky wife posted a photo and wrote: “@BrianODriscoll Hi BOD, big fan. Come here WHERE did you get this amazing cape? They are so in for AW2014 #ontrend.”

We're sure BOD will appreciate his wife's love for his look of the day!

Amy later tweeted a further dig at her husband’s fab uni wear (it's a thing…), writing: “It’s so incredibly chic for the party season. He ALWAYS gets it right. #stylecrush.”

Oh, you two!