Amazing pop culture cakes we NEED for our next birthday party!

We never say no to cake – ever. It is the food of the gods in all its forms. But when it comes to themed cakes, that's when things really get hard to resist.

We'll definitely be demanding one of these masterpieces when our next birthday rolls around. Forget that Tesco tray cake – these creations are where it's at.

1. This gross but beautiful Mad Men cake
Cigarette butts, ew. Aside from that it's quite pretty…

2. This simply perfect Bald Britney cake
We must say, Brit's drastic haircut does look good in cake form.

3. This adorable Banksy creation
Young love! Can't beat it. Now, give us the cake.

4. This "meth" covered Breaking Bad treat
Heisenberg fans will love this one. 

5. This terrifying Game Of Thrones cake
We never thought we'd want a blood-coated cake, but this is pretty cool.

6. This amazing Where The Wild Things Are cake
Yes, we're aware this was made for someone's third birthday, but can we have it for our 25th, too?

7. This ridiculously cool Beyoncé cake
A gold creation worthy of the Queen of Pop herself. We need this in our lives!