Amanda Bynes turns heads with bizarre public behaviour


The world's eyes are back on Amanda Bynes after another week of drama for the star.

Amanda, who was arrested for a DUI last week and hasn't been seen by her parents for months, was reportedly in a bad state as she waited for a flight to New York.

The actress was spotted in a restaurant at LAX airport, sitting alone and talking to herself. "Amanda was at the table by herself with all her makeup spread out across the table," according to an onlooker.

"She was talking to herself and putting on a ton of makeup," the eyewitness explained. "She would apply some, look in her compact and make weird pouty faces and then say to herself, 'Ok, that looks fine.'" Not good!

While her speech was clear and coherent, her physical behaviour told a different story. "She was really fidgety and really sloppy in the way she ate her food," said the source. "When she got up to leave, she practically bolted out of there. She had a really weird gait to her, she was power walking with posture like a pregnant woman. It was bizarre."

After her arrival in New York yesterday, the star was spotted walking along through Manhattan with a plaster on her face, looking decidedly dishevelled:

It's thought Amanda's wild behaviour of late may have something to with the fact that her parent's conservatorship over her estate ended on September 10th, meaning she regained control of her financial affairs. Time will tell!