After the success of the Dyson hairdryer; it’s time for the hairbrush


Sometimes the actual effort of having to dry and style your hair is just too much.

So, when Dyson developed a high-velocity hairdryer last year, we were pretty down with the idea (not down with the price, but that's for another day).

Well, after the success of the mega-drying hairdryer, the company is now looking towards a hairbrush.

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Dyson has lodged a patent for a baton-shaped device which features a fan heater, and what looks like a cylinder brush.

The Intellectual Property Office in the UK published the design attachment for a “hot styling brush with a handle and a detachable head”.


The drawing shows that when you brush your hair, excess water will be drained down "tubular walls" made for "increasing drying speed and helping to align the individual hair strands."

“Hair is wrapped around the head whilst air or fluid exits through the slots, drying the hair and/or styling the hair into curls and waves.”

But, it's 300 quid, so, you know… priorities.