Aer Lingus issues advice to customers ahead of summer strikes


Aer Lingus has issued advice to passengers ahead of strike action next week.

Yesterday (June 18), the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association announced that its Aer Lingus members will begin an indefinite work-to-rule next Wednesday (June 26). 

The strike action is taking place over a pay dispute, and it is expected to cause huge disruption to passengers. About 40,000 customers a day fly with Aer Lingus during the busy summer season, including around 14,000 on transatlantic flights.

In a recent statement, the airline addressed the planned strike action, and went on to state their guidance to passengers who have trips booked with them.


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“We are currently assessing the impact of the full detail of the industrial action served by Ialpa, including the ‘work-to-rule’ that they have outlined to commence on 26 June 2024,” Aer Lingus wrote on its website.

“At this time, there is no impact to our schedule. Our customer care team will do all possible to minimise the impact of disruption to our customers,” they continued.

“We understand customer concerns and will continue to keep you updated on developments on our website and will alert customers directly, if their flights have been impacted,” the airline added.

It is believed that the strike action shouldn’t impact Aer Lingus’s regional flights, as they are operated by a separate company, Emerald Airlines.


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Aer Lingus has told its customers that if their trip is impacted and they had previously booked it via their website, they will be contacted and informed of their booking options.

They added: “If you booked through a third-party (travel or online agent or another airline), we will notify the original sales agent of the change to your itinerary.”

In the event that your flight with Aer Lingus is cancelled, you will be offered three options – change your booking online, request a voucher for future travel, or request a cash refund. You may also be entitled to compensation under EU rules, depending on the circumstances of the cancellation.

Passengers with Aer Lingus are being advised to keep a close eye on the status of their trip, as the strike action is due to begin next week.