#Adulting: Twitter knows exactly how hard you guys have it IRL

Adulting is hard. And adulting on a Monday is even harder.

If you've spent much of the morning wondering how you could possibly be so broke after getting paid on Friday, and much of the afternoon dreaming of the post-work nap you're going to take, meet your sisters.

Thankfully, Twitter is always on hand to remind you that no matter how hard you think you have it, there are countless others who also continue to struggle with this whole adulting lark.

And here are just some of our favourites.

1. Meet your soul sister.

2. Don't pick up. Don't Pick up. Don't pick up. 

3. If in doubt. sleep. 

4. Doing it right. 

5. Just every second of every day.

6. What's the issue? 

7. Not now stressballs, not now. 

8. Oh, Amy.

9. Down with big girl jobs.

10. Yay, indeed.