Actress quizzed by police after teen rushed to hospital


Actress Billie Piper is being quizzed by police after she was involved in a road collision with a 16-year-old cyclist who was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

The actress, who starred in Doctor Who and The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, was questioned by police after colliding with the cyclist, who slammed into her car at high speed.

Billie was left so shaken that she was forced to pull out of her leading part in a West End play. 

The actress’ sons Winston (5) and Eugene (2) were in the back of her Volkswagen Golf as she attempted a U-turn on a steep section of road in Camden, London.

She is understood to have been driving at under five miles per hour as she crossed into the path of the teen cyclist who was travelling downhill at a fast speed.

The bike slammed into the back of the car and the boy was thrown to the ground.

The teen was taken to hospital and the actress was questioned by police, but not arrested.

A police spokesperson said “enquiries” into the incident are ongoing.