Actress gets VERY cozy with her surprise new man!

Shailene Woodley has taken us all by surprise!

In recent months the actress has been linked to no less than THREE of her co-stars – Ansel Elgort, Theo James and Miles Teller. Now though, it seems she's smitten for someone a little less clean-cut!

The star was spotted making a sweet PDA with independent musician Nahko recently as she holidayed in Hawaii. The potential lovebirds were snapped getting affectionate on the beach, sitting with their feet touching as Nahko stroked Shailene's face and offered her a flower. All very innocent!

Although the singer might seem like an odd choice for Shailene, rumour has it the pair have been dating for a while. In fact, they have even spoken openly about each other in public, with Shailene admitting that the musician "dramatically changed" her life. Wow!

She's also been singing her praises for Nakho's band, saying in a recent interview that "all of his songs are not only inspirational but relatable."

A source close to the new couple say things are already getting serious, and Shailene may even follow Nahko to Australia to support him on his upcoming tour.