Actress could NOT stop talking about Kim’s ass


Kim Kardashian, is almost as famous for her ass as she is her reality TV roles, so it's not surprising to learn that some people are just, well frankly, obsessed with it. Kat Dennings, star of 2 Broke Girls, is one of these people.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about Kim's guest starring role on the hit sitcom, the twenty-eight-year-old actress gushed: “Her ass is amazing. I was just so in love with her ass. It's beautiful, she's gorgeous…it's just amazing. I've never seen an ass like that in my life.”

Kat admitted that she found the reality TV star and one-half of Kimye a lot more pleasant than she anticipated, labelling her 'sweet and charming' and even admitted she was very nervous about meeting Kanye's other half ! Awww.

Kat, who is currently dating singer Josh Groban, called her new beau ' a wonderful person' during the interview, but focussed much of her attention on North's mum's derriere, saying: “I am feminism, girl power, but I was just so in love with her ass. I just spit talking about it- that's how passionate I feel!”

This is one of the biggest girl crushes we've heard of in ages!