Actor slams Selena Gomez: “this is disgusting”


It sounds like Selena Gomez’s former co-star Jeff Garlin isn’t a fan of her image!

Jeff, who starred in Wizards of Waverly Place with the pop star has blasted her “sexualised” image calling it “disguting” that stars like Selena and Ariana Grande are portrayed in such a way: “I worked with [Selena] for three years, and I love her. She is, at least in terms of what I saw, a great kid. But then I see her sexualised. When I see her sexualised I look at her, and I look at this Ariana Grande…both beautiful girls, but they have baby fat! They look like kids!”

The Curb Your Enthusiasm actor went on to say that he was horrified when he saw Selena in Spring Breakers: “I’m by myself in the theatre, and I couldn’t have felt dirtier. Great bikini shot of Selena Gomez? I don’t go here. I see the thing, but I see those chubby cheeks. She’s a kid. This is disgusting.”

Hmm, while Selena and Ariana may look young, the fact is they are grown women and can make their own choices when it comes to what they wear AND the image they want to portray. 

We’re sure Selena wouldn’t have done those bikini shots if she wasn’t comfortable – just as Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Benson would not have.