A wine bar in a hospital, sure what could go wrong?

A hospital in France is opening a wine bar for terminally ill patients in a bid to make their lives better.

The bar will offer “medically supervised” wine tasting to patients and their families. Dr. Virginie Guastella who proposed the idea, said it could help both patients and families to relax:

“A situation can be palliative for several weeks or even several months and it’s because life is so precious and real until the end that we decided to cultivate all that is fine and good.

“It’s a way of rethinking the care of others, taking into account their feelings and emotions that make them a human being.”

We love this idea, which relates to a study that found that wine and food and can have a positive impact on someone’s last days.

We’re not quite sure they could get away with something like this in Ireland though!