A plate of happiness: Someone has created NUTELLA chicken wings

There are two things you can count on in life; chicken wings and Nutella. In honour of World Nutella Day, Wednesday, February 5, Deliveroo and The Chili Shack have created a plate of happiness combining two of the best snacks on Planet Earth; Nutella Wings. The wings are coated in a smooth delicious Nutella marinade, enough to leave your mouth watering.

Sauteed shallots, fennel seeds and brown sugar in a peculiar emulsion of butter, ketchup, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, Nutella and The Chili Shack habanero hot sauce. Seasoned with some salt and pepper, tossed in sesame seeds and served up with some fresh chilli, these Sticky Spicy Nutella Wings will take your breath away.

With this limited-edition dish, popular restaurant The Chili Shack has stayed true to their belief that great fresh food can come at a reasonable price and remain cool and creative.

World Nutella Day has grown from strength to strength since it began in 2007. Being such a home staple means that everyone can join in the fun and The Chili Shack has made it just that bit easier. Your folks used to frown at you when you ate it straight from the jar, now let them frown some more!

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy these special edition Nutella flavoured wings with a side of fries at the cost of €9. Available for two weeks from February 5 from the Galway store and on the Deliveroo platform…if you like it, put a wing on it!