9 things we REALLY need to stop worrying about in our twenties

It's hard enough making this adult stuff work for us without worrying every second of the day that we're not doing something right.

Don't worry though – you're not the only one feeling a bit lost or worried.

In fact, a new survey from Always Discreet asked women about the taboo subject of bladder sensitivity, and found that a massive one in three suffer in silence, because they're afraid of what people might think.

And 44% of those with bladder sensitivity say it has put a huge dent in their confidence, meaning they can't wear the clothes they want to.

Whether it's health issues or career problems, life's too short to be spending it stressing out. Here are just a few of the things women our age need to stop worrying about…

1. Eating that last slice of pizza
Pizza is the friend, not the enemy… What did pizza ever do to anyone?


2. Skipping your morning kettlebell class in favour of a lie-in
If you're in need of sleep, that extra hour in bed will be just as beneficial as an hour in the gym.


3. Being thought of as a hard-ass
Never be afraid to go the extra mile to get what you want.


4. Not enough people liking your selfie on Instagram
They're probably all too busy worrying about their own selfies.


5. Having a string of disaster dates on Tinder
Call it research.


6. Your childhood BFF getting engaged AND buying a house
That's her life, this is yours. Own it.


7. Not having a 'bikini body'
If you have a body, and you have a bikini, you can have a bikini body. Simple as that.


8. Not having a bum like Beyoncé's
​It would probably be a bit of a hassle fitting it into jeans, anyways.


9. Staying at home two Friday nights in a row
Work the FOMO!

Share your story and help break the silence of adult incontinence by visiting alwaysdiscreet.co.uk or wellwomancentre.ie