9 ice creams that never fail to remind us of our childhood

People of Ireland, rejoice – the HB Freaky Foot can be officially purchased again from today. 

HB re-released the beloved pastel pink foot as part of their Golden Oldies campaign, bringing 80s and 90s favourite back to our shelves. Still no Fat Frog, though. Honestly, lads, get your act together.

In tribute to this glorious resurrection, we're taking a look back at eight ice creams and ice lollies that shaped our Irish childhoods…

1. Maxi Twist
This one wasn't just restricted to summer – you always seemed to end up with one whenever you went to the panto, too. 

2. Super Mario
All the joy of a Neapolitan ice cream but with added Nintendo fun. Delish.

3. Sparkles
As any Irish child knows, these are always referred to as "Sparklers." We're really not sure who HB were trying to fool. The cheapest ice lolly available – we were outraged when they went up to 12p.

4. Mini Milk
Similar to a Sparkler, but we always felt very health-conscious eating a Mini Milk. Surely it counts as a full meal?

5. Fat Frog
Glorious, ice-cold appley goodness. In the shape of a friendly frog. Perfection.

6. Wibbly Wobbly Wonder
Did anyone really like that weird lemony jelly at the top? Shudder.

7. Golly Bar
HB finally decided to rename the outrageously racist Golly Bar to the Big Bite a few years ago. Still the most boring ice cream on the market by far – we always felt so hard done by when we were handed one of these.

8. Mr. Freeze
You knew your mam was cool if she let you buy a variety box to keep in the freezer.

9. Loop the Loop
Is it an ice cream or is it an ice lolly? We can never decide…