9 awkward things that can happen in life

1. Lecturers singling you out
It’s the reason we skip class. The ultimate fear of being singled out in a 200 seat lecture hall. Most days you might get away with it, but of course, on this particular day you’ve spent the whole hour daydreaming about what outfit you’re going to wear tonight.

2. Getting 'buddied'
It can happen anywhere. In a lecture, on a bus or at the cinema. You run into that friend of a friend that you met once at a party and you got along so well that you feel obliged to say ‘Hello’. But it doesn’t stop there. It slowly gets more and more awkward as the conversation dwindles and eventually you both stand there rocking back and forth on your feet until one of you comments on the weather.

3. One night man
You thought you were rid of him when he finally stumbled out of your house at 11 O’clock looking like Zach Galifianakis. Now here you both are, face to face in the hallway. Eyes down, feet forward, godspeed!

4.  Saying something stupid like 'I love you'
We’ve all been there, haven’t we. Whether we’ve asked someone when they’re due and they end up not being pregnant or we drunkenly tell Johnny from down the road with that he’s a “sexy stud muffin”, we’ve all let our big mouths make us look like idiots.

5. Your back-stabbing best friend
You’ve spent the last three months sweet talking Peter from the rugby team and you’re finally ready to pounce. You set your wing woman in to cement the process and 5 minutes later, her and Peter stumble out of the bathroom together, her looking like The Joker. Now, she’s your friend so you’re obviously not going to fall out with her over some lad. But still…

6. Meeting an ex's parents
Awwwwkkwwwaaarrd. Is there anything worse? Firstly, they greet you with a smile and you’re all “Hi, haven’t seen you in a long time” and then the reality sets in that you broke her sons heart and then you realise her smile is actually a smirk and she wants to stab you in the throat.

7. Short changing the taxi driver
You know you don’t have enough money to pay him, but you’re obviously not going to walk home so you jump in and give him your best “I’m a poor student” story hoping that he might leave you off the 50c. It’s when you get to your front door and you have to drop the money and run that things take a turn for the Aca-aca-awkward.

8. Bumping into the housemates
Tip. Toe. Tip. Toe. You’re trying to get out of this house ASAP before a soul finds out that you stayed here last night. You’ve already managed to worm your way out from underneath the arm of the beast you let take you home and you can see your escape route right ahead. The door stands 5 feet away and you’re almost home free. Until some pain in the a** walks out of their bedroom and you’re both standing there, in the ultimate awkwardness with a stale stench of “FML” off you.

9. Confessions
It’s inevitable really. After 8 months of living with the same handful of people, there’s always one that falls in love. Be prepared for that moment when a housemate sits you down and confesses that “Your beauty knows no bounds. Thou art as glorious as a summers day”. Time for a Daft.ie search. 

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