8 reasons that guy just isn’t worth your time


When the new man in your life looks great on paper, it can be hard to address that gut feeling in your stomach telling you something just isn't quite right.

If you feel like you've been wasting your precious time on a guy that's just, let's face it, a bit of a d*ckhead, it could be time to ditch him.

It's not always easy to spot the bad ones, but here are a few alarm bells to keep an eye out for…

1. He's all about appearances
Every single picture on his Snapchat story is a selfie, he makes you feel guilty for eating pizza and he's constantly checking himself out in reflective surfaces… is he really the guy for you?


2. He can't put his phone down for more than two minutes
A date? Oh you mean the hour I spend eating in silence as he messages five people at once on WhatsApp?


3. He makes you feel unattractive
Deal breaker. Girl, you're beautiful and he should know it.


4. It's all about the sex when you two are together, and not in a good way
It's the only time you really feel like you have his undivided attention.


5. In fact, you can't recall the last "date" that didn't end in sex
Date… or booty call?


6. He puts everything before you
"Not gonna make it babes, I can't just leave in the middle of playing FIFA 15, y'know?"


7. You get the feeling he has five other girls on the go at once
You're THIS close to checking his messages when he goes to the loo.


8. You're always making excuses for him
Feeling like he just doesn't care? Time to say…