8 of the most epic #BakingFails in honour of tonight’s Bake Off return

While we'd all love to claim we're domestic goddesses in the kitchen, sometimes our baking experiences are less successful than we'd like. And by that we mean, there's usually half a bag of flour in our hair, a strong smell of burning and a batch of biscuits in the bin.

Oh, well. At least all those epic baking fails make for good Instagram posts, right?

Next time you're doubting your baking prowess, you can take some consolation in the fact that you're not the first person to drastically underestimate the need for baking powder, or leave that flourless chocolate cake in the oven just a little TOO long.

Here are a few of our favourite #BakingFails from Instagram, Pinterest and beyond…

1. This poor gal who didn't get her measurements quite right…


So my idea of "golfball size" is a little off… #bakingfail cc: @christinatosi

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2. These "cupcakes" that never reached the great heights they were meant to


Not always a successful baker. #notwhatiexpectedtohappen #bakingfail

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3. These sloth (we think?) macarons that are making us feel a bit queasy…


Macarons just ain't happening for me.

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4. This novelty birthday cake gone awry


5. This absolute Pinterest disaster


6. And this one…


7. These "baked eggs" that turned out very NSFW indeed


8. And (our favourite)… this Minion cake gone very, very wrong