8 easy steps to get more likes on Instagram!


Hi everybody ! I’m Sara from Crime of Fashion and I am super excited to be guest blogging today for SHEmazing!

This week I am launching my very first Ebook called The Blogger Boss Guide (#bloggerbossguide) to help bloggers – beginners or not – to start on the right track. In this book you’ll learn about setting up a blog, design, photoshop editing, SEO but also my favourite part: social media.

Since not everybody is blogger but I still wanted to share with you some information from my book, I figured: we all want more likes on Instagram! Even if some photos seem to become randomly popular, there are still ways to upload pictures that will give you the most chances to get more likes.

So let’s get started!

  1. High Quality Photos: Often, you will see blurry low quality photos getting a lot of likes. It will be because the author has a large amount of followers or because that photo is still attractive. It is still safer to focus on high quality photos with a good lightening and nice composition. Take a minute to think about your photo, try another angle and see how it looks. For the lighting, natural light is always the best.

  2. Selfies: according to the Georgia Tech Instagram study, photos with faces get 38% more likes on Instagram. So if you want more likes, get shameless and start taking selfies, people love them!

  3. Work your angle: there is no secret, the only way to always look good on a picture is to know your face and what to do with it. It’s all about finding that right angle that makes you look prettier but still natural. When taking a picture of your full body, ask the photographer to lower the camera a little. Slightly shooting up at you will make your body look taller and thinner. For selfies, it’s better to have the camera a little higher.

  4. Upload more than once: Instagram works around the clock. Unlike other social media, there are no good or bad times to upload a photo. One to two pictures a day is a good amount. Any popular account on Instagram is updated more than once a day. You’re not addicted, it’s an Instagram rule…

  5. Hashtags: the one hashtag you should use is #Nofilter. Adding this hashtag to your photos represent 10% more chances to get likes. However, the hashtag #Drunk isn’t a bright idea. Studies have showed that it decreases likes by 40%. There are no clear rule on how many hashtags you should add but 10 is considered to be a reasonable.

  6. Filters: custom filters are appreciated. Take time to play around and see which ones make your photos look better. The filters that engage more likes and interactions are Willow, Normal, Toaster, Mayfair and Sutro.

  7. Get blue: photos with dominant colours of green and blues (cold toned colours) get 24% more likes than pictures with warm tones (pink and orange).

  8. Stay social: Follow people, tag them on your photos (when relevant), even brands if you are taking a picture of an object or a place. However, avoid spamming, people hate that.

That's it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed ! If you want to know more about Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can check out my Ebook The Blogger Boss Guide. Everything you need to know to start an awesome website is in there. Check out my blog for more details about the book and 20 pages extract!

Thank you for your read, I wish you a lovely day!