70pc of Irish people unhappy with Government homelessness action


The majority of Irish people believe the Government is not doing enough to solve the housing crisis.

The new poll report from the Simon Community shows that 75 per cent of those asked think politicians are not doing enough to make rents more affordable.

Irish people also expressed their concerns about the increasing rate of homelessness over the past number of years, with seven in ten seeing it an a major issue. 

'Particularly at the private rented sector and homelessness, and what we found was that 75 per cent of people believe the Government is not doing enough to keep rent affordable,' spokesperson Niamh Randall told Beat. 

'70 per cent  believe the Government is doing enough to protect those who are renting and 72 per cent are really concerned about the rates of homelessness increasing due to rising rents and reducing supply.'

'So here we see public opinion is ahead of political opinion, demonstrating the real urgency on the ground.'