7 simple ways to lose those extra pounds

Sometimes it can be hard to know if you are doing the right things you need to do to shift those stubborn pounds.

These tips can help you reach your weight-loss goal healthily.

1. Don’t skip meals
Skipping meals will mess with your metabolism. Think about nutritious foods you can give your body rather than taking them away.

2. Drink more water
Ensure you get your 8-10 glasses of water a day to clear your body, mind and skin.

3. Exercise
Working out is essential for maximising weight-loss as well as toning and shaping the body. Try to get 30 mins a day.

4. No alcohol
You may not want to hear it, but if you want to lose weight, alcohol needs to be avoided.

5. Plan ahead
You will eat healthier if you have prepared food beforehand and know what you are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is when you haven’t planned ahead that the junk food looks more appealing.

6. Get moving
Skip the lift and take the stairs. Walk to work instead of driving – there are lots of things you can do to get that body moving more!

7. Reduce portions
Rather than pile the food onto a dinner plate, choose a smaller plate and if you are hungry then go back for more rather than struggling to finish a piled plate of food.