5 ways to deal with Instagram jealousy


It can be hard not to get a pang of jealousy when that impossibly pretty girl you went to school with puts up a gorgeous photo of her new Christian Louboutins or her amazing designer wardrobe.

Rather than get down about it and allow yourself to be jealous (which is bad for your body and mind ladies) here are some ways you can stop it in it’s tracks.

1. Life on social media is all filters and chosen carefully. Realise that nobody would bother post a picture of their smelly 5 year-old runners, the new pink Nike ones work better, obviously. People choose what they put up on their social media feeds, and obviously, like yourself, they choose the best.

2. Don’t be a bitch. Always be gracious and never resort to bitchy comments on another girl’s social media feed. So not cool.

3. Realise that life’s successes aren’t measured through social media. Yes, that Marc Jacobs handbag is uh-mazing but what about the things you have that this person may not?

4. Be happy for them. Turn your negativity into positivity. If she can get a banging body she loves enough to put on the internet then good for her!

5. Don’t try to live up to their lives. Be you. Have what you have and be grateful.