5 ways Nutella can make you look like a Domestic Queen

Pasta and tins of beans are some of the items you should always have in the cupboard and we’re about to add another must-have item to that list – Nutella.

Have some friends calling over and nothing particularly impressive to give them with tea? Have no fear – just make sure you have a jar of this chocolate heaven on hand.

Cheat’s cupcakes
Throw together a batch of fairy cakes (or buy a packet of buns) and spread some Nutella on top for two-second cupcakes.

Chocolate bread
Dip a few slices of bread in a whisked egg and fry on either side until golden brown. Spread with a layer of Nutella and top with some whipped cream if you’re feeling fancy. Toast will also work if you’re out of eggs (or too lazy to wash the frying pan).

This one really will make you look amazing. Buy a pack of ready-to-cook croissants from the supermarket, unroll them, pop a spoonful of Nutella into the middle, re-roll, and bake. Serve them warm when your friends walk in the door and soak up the praise.

Hazelnut coffee
Put a spoonful of Nutella at the bottom of your cup and pour in the coffee. Stir, add some cream and enjoy.

First of all, spread two Rich Tea biscuits with Nutella. Toast a marshmallow over the ring on your hob and place in between the biscuits for an indoor s’more.