5 simple food changes that could improve your life

Changing your lifestyle and bad habits isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are a few simple swaps you can make in your everyday routine to make you feel a lot better in yourself.

1. Cut down on sugar in your tea
At first it won’t taste as great but once you cut out the sugar and get used to it you’ll be so glad you did, especially if you’re a big tea drinker.

2. Choose brown rice over white
White rice doesn’t contain as many essential nutrients as brown rice so your body will thank you for making this small change.

3. Stop eating when you’re full
If you’re no longer hungry, don’t force yourself to eat it. Your body doesn’t want it.

4. Never go shopping when you’re hungry
If you shop when you’re hungry you will be much more likely to buy everything on every one of Tesco's shelves rather than buying what you originally went in for.

5. Bring a packed lunch instead of eating out
You may think eating out is the easier option but in the end it’s more money and more calories. Why not pack yourself a yummy salad or trail mix to have on the go?