5 signs that prove you’re in a long term relationship


It’s not the number of months or the loved-up quirks that prove you’re in a long term relationship. No, it’s mostly how you act with each other.

Here are some sure signs that you and your partner, are in it for the long haul.

Complete honesty

You no longer live in fear of what the other thinks. If the outfit doesn’t suit them, or you can’t stand the way they act sometimes. You can tell them straight.

People no longer see you as separate identities

Friends officially see you as a package deal and accept where you go, your partner is sure to follow.

Comfortable silences

You can tell him not to speak to you for an hour and he will get it. More importantly, if you are able to express a message with a single look, it’s a sure sign of strong relationship.

He’s part of your family

He is already considered an official member of your family. He even spends time with them, when you out.

Knows you better than yourself

The little things, like knowing to record your favourite programme when you can’t. But most importantly, how to cheer you up when you’re feeling down.