5 reasons you may not be losing weight

You’re doing everyhting you should be doing; eating healthily, exercising and still you can’t seem to lose those few pounds.

Well, maybe one of these reasons could be why!

1. Stress
Stress can cause you not to lose weight as it causes fat storage and increases appetite. Try to spend 10 minutes each day relaxing and calming through meditation.

2. Eating “healthy”
Sometimes you may think you are eating healthy, but in fact are not. Just because a yoghurt says it is “fat-free”, doesn’t mean there is not sugar in it. Make sure to read your food labels thoroughly.

3. Weekend waste
If you eat healthy Monday through Friday and then binge all weekend on take-away and alcohol, you are wasting all of your week’s work. Try to strike a happy medium or have a “cheat meal” rather than a “chat day”.

4. Skipping breakfast
Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism for the day and you shouldn’t underestimate the power of this when it comes to weight-loss.

5. Just cardio
Only doing cardio may be another reason you have plateued in your weight-loss. Try to mix up and vary your work-outs so that you incorporate fat-burning weight exercises too.